How did this group start?

The Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths was formulated in August of 2018 during an invitational gathering, hosted by Rachel David, Lisa Geertsen, and Anne Bujold.  11 women blacksmiths from all over the world were invited to participate in a large sculptural bench build-out and during this event the group’s long term mission began to take shape. SIB is still in it’s developmental stages but is moving forward to create ways for under-represented populations to find and hold space in the field of blacksmithing.

You can read all about our first event here, and learn more about our mission and road map to action here.

Why start a group like this now?

While the diversity within the field of blacksmithing varies region to region and country to country, it is apparent that the overall demographics lack gender and racial diversity. SIB believes that the craft as a whole will advance and prosper if there is more access and support for the under-represented groups.

Who can be a member?

At this time there is no formal membership, however anyone can participate by supporting our mission! You may consider, or are already planning to host a workshop, meetings, hammer-in, exhibition, panel discussion, or other event that supports diversity in this field, and we think that’s great!

How can I get involved?

Submit upcoming events to of our Events Calendar so we can share and promote them!

Connect with us on Social Media by using #Inclusiveblacksmithing to show off activities in your area that support this mission!

As we move forward we will continue to organize events and while some may be small invitationals others may be large and open to the public. Our resources are limited with what we can organize alone, but we see great importance in growing our network of support and uplifting events happening all over the world!