I pledge to uphold and support this code by speaking up for myself or others if I see behavior that is harmful or antithetical to the ideals of SIBs as outlined by this code. Any issues reported to SIBs organizers will be treated seriously and investigated thoroughly and fairly.

By signing this code of conduct I agree to abide by it and understand that there will be consequences if I do not. Depending on the severity of my actions and my response to any potential infractions committed I may lose the ability to participate in events, the Mentorship Program, and other aspects of the Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths community. 

Be aware

This means you know yourself and pay attention to the people around you. Be aware of things like correct pronouns, possible disabilities or differences from what is considered normative, and interact with people accordingly. But especially be aware of yourself. This means understanding and acknowledging that systemic privileges or disadvantages may affect how you move through the world. Knowing this, you can understand that other people move through the world differently and are treated differently than you. 

Be empathetic 

Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. This means every person should be treated first as a human being who is more similar to you than different and just as valuable and important as you are. Empathy also means that once you are aware of someone’s identity, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, ability, etc, you should respect that part of their identity. Try to understand how their identity is different than yours and how that might affect how they are treated in the world. Empathy is not always easy but it is always necessary.

Be open to learning and changing 

Everyone makes mistakes, the important part is what you do once you realize it. Even if your intention was not to cause harm, if your behavior is pointed out as harmful, accept responsibility and change that behavior in the future. Realise that you are part of larger systems and issues of inequality are systemic, not personal. Understand that you are not being personally attacked. Reflect on your actions, apologize when necessary, learn what you are being taught, and adjust your behavior accordingly. If you are acting from a place of awareness and with empathy these responses will become easier to do with practice.

By signing below I commit to striving to always be aware, be empathetic, and be open to learning and changing. I commit to treating everyone as my SIBling and expecting the same treatment in return.  

*We ask for your address so we can connect people in the same area and to help plan and organize in person events.