When I started forging and fabricating professionally, in 2006, the first person I worked for was a woman, Carla Hall (@chmetaldesign). I knew next to nothing, and she patiently tolerated my arrogance and mistakes as I struggled my way through. I was a mess in ways, but I worked hard and I learned. Her work … Continue reading Ceremonia

Bex Simon

THE BIPOLAR BLACKSMITH – TOP TIPS I am writing this bipolar blog about me, the artist blacksmith, very tongue in cheek.  Bipolar is a very serious illness but I wanted to keep this light hearted with some humour.  With that in mind I am writing as though it is one of my blacksmith top tip blogs… just in case there are some other Bipolar … Continue reading Bex Simon


My name is Jami (she/her), and I’m a trans artist blacksmith in rural northern Michigan. Besides ironwork, my resume is a diverse constellation of experiences in traditionally male-dominated spaces. I’ve worked as a carpenter, web designer, programmer, wildland firefighter, landscaper, farmer, chef, and more. I cherish the time I’ve spent dipping my toes into these … Continue reading Jami