Three blacksmiths talk about what they hope to accomplish as part of SIBs.

Our Philosophy and Mission

There are demographically underrepresented groups in blacksmithing from the hobbyist to professional level, and this is detrimental to the field. The absence of the voices, creativity, and economic participation of these populations is damaging to the craft, and to members of those underrepresented groups who do blacksmith. The lack of representation and active support can cause harm in the form of increased likelihood of harassment and a decreased likelihood that they will continue due to a variety of real and perceived barriers. By fostering a broader participant base, SIBs encourages a community that expands and re-imagines what blacksmithing can be.

SIBs believes in the power and effectiveness of stories. When we hear someone’s direct experience we can empathise with them, and can learn how to be better friends and SIBlings.

  • A small group of friends has an idea for a group project made by an all female blacksmith team.

  • A group of women smiths from all over the US are invited to make this project together.

  • During the course of the event the idea for the Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths is hatched! 

  • SIBs (now officially a thing!) sets up a Go-Fund-Me to start a scholarship program 

  • The online “story series” is started

  • The mentorship program is launched

  • We continue to expand our community and services. Stay tuned!